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Friday, October 30, 2009


I feel kind of bad leaving out the left coast when it comes to talk about Poon because let's be completely honest: The West is the Best. Sure the property values are overpriced and 95% of the people are fake but the Poon just sizzles out there. Tomorrow we get the battle of the Pac-10's best teams in USC and Oregon in Autzen Stadium. Oregon is the only undefeated Pac-10 team at 4-0 and have recovered remarkably since their horrific start on the blue turf in Boise State. In fact they finished dismantling a team in Washington 43-19 who just happened to hand the Trojans their only loss of the season. The overrated and undisciplined Pete Carroll-led squad again have a chance to make pollsters completely forget about the Trojans shitting the bed against a bad Washington squad early in the season by coming in to Eugene and laying a hurting on the Ducks. Personally I think it's about time the Trojans got exposed. My prediction is Oregon 27 USC 17. But that is beside the point of the original point. The Poon. Let's take a look.

USC is well represented of course:

Oregon brings it back with a vengeance of mean Poon:

You can vote by leaving your comments below. I'm at a crossroads. Fuck it. I'm throwing a curve and going with Ashley...


The Georgia Bulldogs enter tomorrow's contest with the Florida Gators on an obvious down note. Their defense has played shitty all season thanks to the "imaginative" schemes Willie Martinez has drawn up. They currently sit at 4-3 and the natives in Athens are getting restless with even some loyal fans aka assclowns calling for Richt's head. The Gators on the other hand are still undefeated despite playing sloppy football for over a month and come in #1 in the country thanks to Urban Meyer and the Gator's defense. Notice how he kept Tebow out of the discussion. It's for good reason. He isn't having a good season and it baffles me how people still have them in their top 3 for the Heisman. We all think we know who is going to win tomorrow. Florida. Duh. But the real question is who wins the battle of the Ta-Ta's. You decide in the comments section. Pictures are courtesy of one of the greatest blogs ever invented. I'm talking of course about the Poon of the SEC...

Your representative from Gainesville:

Your representative from Athens:

You decide who has the better rack. Comments below.


WWTDD has the complete gallery of these new photos of milf Heidi Klum from her new book "Waiting for Fairchild" in which only her sweet self can make chocolate look this good...

No worries guys, she obviously wipes up and down (repeat)....

Call me old fashion but I'm more of a fan of the airbrushed topless look with some tight leather pants look. See that look in her face. It's the "Seal is just the appetizer for you Fairchild" eyes that haunt me. I see it all the time.

And I will leave you with the never gets old hair of the boobs trick. Oh what a tease. Can you imagine after three kids a woman still looking this hot? Seal is one lucky bastard. The crazy part is you know he is probably tired of banging her. Excuse me while I go swallow these horse tranquilizers.