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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I can't get enough of these McCain's Brain skits. They are just too fucking funny not to post. How dare Tom Brokaw mess with McCain's doodling...

McCain has a new fan and an endorsement from Notre Dame legend Brady Quinn. It's always interesting to see an athlete display their political allegiance without being fearful of pissing off some of their fans. Of course it's hard to piss off fans when you never play in Cleveland. Maybe Romeo Crennel will wake up one of these days and actually let Brady play instead of that shitstick Derek Anderson. Sorry, shitstick is a little strong. Let's go with cumguzzler. There, I feel much better. Hope I didn't offend anybody.


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-Auburn offensive coordinator Tony Franklin was fired today after lasting just half a season. Auburn offense is Nicole Ritchie ugly right now but I think it is still a little crazy to fire a guy only half way through a season. Auburn has been disappointing this season and I guess losing to Vandy was the last straw for Tommy Tuberville.

-Tony Barnhart of the AJC points out that the SEC conference is better from top to bottom than the Big 12 because they play defense. I agree. Look, the Big 12 Conference is strong this year at the top but good defenses usually always beat good offenses. The SEC has way more athletes on defense who would probably play on the offensive side of the ball if they were in the Big 12. It does make for an interesting argument.

-Mark Schlabach and Bruce Feldman from have their bowl predictions out. Notre Dame in the Gator Bowl would be very interesting and quite an accomplishment after such a dismal 2007 season. The Dawgs in the Cotton Bowl would not be welcomed with open arms in Athens after such high expectations. It's kind of funny to see how the two program's fan bases have switched expectations. The Bowls are like politics in that they are made up of 100% bullshit.

-I was suppose to make a trip to Chapel Hill this weekend for the Notre Dame-UNC game but unfortunately those plans had to be changed due to the economic "situation" our country resides in at this moment. You know the whole country is going to hell when the economy starts to effect your tailgating experiences. Or in the case an all out canceled tailgate. I imagine the economic climate is going to have a direct correlation on the college game itself. I can only imagine how much it is hurting a school like USC when they have to cut their student-athlete's pay to 5 digits instead of the 6 they were giving to Reggie Bush for all those years.

Food for thought people, speaking of food...

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