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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yooooooooo... let's talk recruiting

What's up crackers?!?!? Yeah, you know you love it...

I try not to get too much into recruiting, but there are some juicy stories leading up to NSD, that's National Signing Day in case you happen to read this sports blog and you also like men. Since I'm a UGA grad and pretty partial, I figured I update you guys with some of the most recent news that I've learned.

Take this for what it is, all recruiting is truly speculation. No one knows what a 17 or 18 year old kid will do or what truly makes him tick, however, I've been hearing a lot lately from some pretty reliable sources. As of now, there are approximately 5 slots available in this recruiting cycle, here's how they are going to fill out.

Friday, Ray Drew will announce for UGA. The nation's #1 DE has been toying with grown adults who are all too creepy into following the recruiting process and has been screaming everything but UGA as of late. Word is he committed two weeks ago and he was calling Antonio Richardson to recruit him to UGA as well over the weekend. Anyone want to guess who made a surprise visit to UGA last weekend?!?!? Antonio Richardson... and anyone know where Drew was when he was supposedly making these calls?!?!?... Clemson... Seems like Mr. Drew is having his fun with the recruiting process so let him. The kid is a beast. More on Richardson shortly.

Word from a reliable source who I will not name, Johnathan Jenkins, and Kent Turene have silent committed to UGA as of last weekend. Jenkins has been thought to have been leaning to UGA for weeks. Him and Drew are going to look good on the line together. Turene loved Athens and trust me, he's wanted to fill an immediate need in depth for ILB and OLB. This would be a huge coup for UGA considering Turene has been a USC committ for a while now.

The fourth spot left with come down to NSD, but yes, Isaiah Crowell will be a Dawg. In fact, what I've heard is that Crowell has been a silent commit for quite a while. Anyone remember last year when UGA, running back U itself, got spurned by three big time running backs?!? Not saying Isaiah Crowell had part in that, but I'd bet his addition to this years class scared off a few backs and I can tell you him and Ken Malcome are going to look good in the UGA backfield for a few years to come.

The fifth spot is going to be a bit of a surprise, but hell, I'll spoil it. Xzavier Dickson will be a Dawg. While he may not play immediately, he will be a solid back up to Jenkins and to Geathers, who trust me, will factor in the Dawgs game plan.

As promised, more on Richardson, from what I hear, Xzavier Ward has been talked to about grey shirting this year if Antonio Richardson will in fact accept the offer to come to UGA. I don't think this is likely, not because I haven't heard that Richardson is in fact going to switch, take that Da'Rick Rogers and UT, but because I've heard there may be a VC (verbal commit) or two who may not qualify and will be a sign and follow to Georgia Military College or Hargrave.

Again, take this for what it is, but the next week and a day is going to be interesting. "I said it's GREAT to be a GEORGIA BULLDOG!"


You can check out the full gallery at but needless to say the Atlanta Thrashers Ice Girls have been the most exciting thing to happen to the franchise since Kovy was skating. In the past week they have gone on an extended losing streak and their dipshit ownership group called the Atlanta Spirit have been trying to sell the Thrashers since 2005 while putting an inferior product on the ice. If they want to get more fans down to Philips Arena I would suggest better players, new ownership, and more of the Ice Girls...