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Thursday, October 25, 2007

TOP 10
I'm a little late with the new Sportscrack Top 10 because I thought I posted it on Monday but apparently I didn't. So here you go, here is the new top 10 which will more than likely look totally different by next week.

1. Ohio State Buckeyes-There, you happy, I got the Buckeyes as the new #1. I don't feel good about it and in fact I feel a little dirty putting them here. They have Penn State this week in Happy Valley at night. Count on Anthony Morelli to make at least two bonehead mistakes to ruin a potential upset.

2. Oklahoma Sooners-Talk about sleep walking, the Sooners looked like Anna Nicole with clown makeup last week against Iowa State. At least we can all laugh off the terrible performance by the Sooners because it didn't kill their BCS chances. Anna Nicole not so much.

3. LSU Tigers-Les Miles has to be the dumbest, luckiest fuck since George Bush got re elected. I mean seriously, this guy could kill like ten prostitutes and still not get caught. Oh wait, that would make him Pete Carroll and we all know Miles isn't that dirty.

4. Boston College Eagles-Their special teams are terrible and the Hokies have good special teams. It's in Blacksburg on a Thursday night. The Hokies are 3 point favorites just like Rutgers was last week when they beat South Florida. Can I spell it out for you any further?

5. Oregon Ducks-The Ducks are the only legitimate team in the PAC-10 that can contend for a BCS berth at this point. Arizona State is fool's gold and USC lost to Stanford but if Oregon doesn't start to play better defense they will lose starting this week in Eugene against the Trojans.

6. Arizona State SunDevils-Rudy Carpenter and Dennis Erickson will get their first good test this Saturday against Cal. Win the game and they can be viewed as legit for at least another week. Lose and we can all kick them in their junk and point at them while shouting "I told you so!"

7. Florida Gators-If the Gators were in any other conference right now they would more than likely be undefeated. This team can battle and last week's win against Kentucky shows this team has the heart of a champion.

8. West Fuckin Virginia-I hate to say it Mountaineer fans and trust me I hope I'm wrong, but I can see you winning out the rest of your games starting this week in Piscataway and still not having a chance to reach the BCS Championship.

9. Kansas Jayhawks-I'm going to be honest and say I haven't seen them play this year. I don't see the Manginos running the table but I see they don't have the Longhorns or the Sooners on their schedule. Lucky fuckers.

10. South Florida Bulls-Man, I was pulling so hard for the Bulls. So hard I was screaming at Grothe the whole second half to throw the damn ball. They better regroup fast, UCONN is no pushover.

JUST MISSED THE CUT: Kentucky, Missouri, Michigan, USC, Cal