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Thursday, September 06, 2018

Atlanta Falcons Release New "Welcome To Atlanta Falcons" Remix by Ludacris and Jermaine Dupri

Football boner achieved!  The NFL is back but more importantly the Atlanta Falcons are back in Philly trying to finish the drill and beat the Eagles like they should have done in the playoffs last year.
Yes I'm still mad about the Falcons losing that game.  Falcons should have won.  Plain and simple.  They literally let the ball slip through their hands numerous times (LOOKING at you Keanu Neal and Julio Jones) and Philly escaped with a W on their way to the first ever Super Bowl victory.

But now we are back and Atlanta boys Ludacris and Jermaine Dupri want to give us a Falcons remix of their classic "Welcome to Atlanta" song.  Don't hate it.  In fact I love it and I've been playing it non stop since yesterday when it dropped.

Prediction for tonight's game besides it being hot as hell in Philadelphia is the Falcons will finally, and I mean finally, show some consistency in the red zone for once and get touchdowns instead of ageless wonder Matt Bryant field goals.  Falcons build a huge lead only to hang on for dear life in the 2nd half but most importantly come out with a hard fought W.

Falcons 31
Eagles 27

Tonight the Falcons rise up to the occasion and provide a stepping stone to winning their first ever Lombardi Trophy.

Nike's New TV Ad Will Be Controversial Tonight, Here it is

This is controversy central right here with Nike's new advertisement with the NFL kicking off tonight in primetime when the Atlanta Falcons visit the defending Super Bowl Champs Philadelphia Eagles.

First off we all know you can't show anybody smoking.  Smoking is bad for your health kids.  The fact that Nike created this ad with a go-getter like Jay Cutler smoking a fag is just lighting a flame to what is right and wrong in this world.  It's not PC to smoke fags.  Period.  No flaming fags are allowed in 2018.

Second we do care Nike.  Cutler is a hero to all the people who sleep in past noon.  He's a legend to everyone who has always wanted to put in the bare minimum effort and still get paid hundreds of millions to not win playoff games.  He's our hero and so yes we care.  Or we don't.

Third here is the actual Nike commercial with that real life puppet Colin Kaepernick telling all of us he sacrificed everything to not be a third string QB anymore and collect millions because he was too lazy to stand for the national anthem.  He's a real life hero I tell you.

And yes Kaepernick is a hero to a lot of us.  He doesn't have a job and is still getting paid millions by Nike to not play in the NFL and kneel during the national anthem.  He can thank Donald Trump for the historic low unemployment numbers for third string QBs.