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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Tampa Bay Rays Embarrassed Themselves vs the "Knuckleball Princess" in BP

Seriously what in holy hell happened to the Tampa Bay Rays?  They were baseball's small market underdog darlings along with the Oakland A's for the past 5 years but this year they have just completely sucked ass.  You go from nearly winning a World Series to looking like schmucks vs a 17-year-old girl named Chelsea Baker in batting practice.  They should just fold up the team and move them to Charlotte already.  I don't know what's more embarrassing: The Rays MLB worst record of 31-47 or Evan Longoria's blonde mohawk?

I Watched This Crush Davis Walk-Off Homer At Least 50 Times Last Night

And it still doesn't get old.  I'm going to watch it at least another 50 times till my balls shrivel up and erode from exhaustion.

Model/Reporter Andressa Urach Gets Naked for Cristiano Ronaldo

I literally have no fucking clue what she is saying nor do I care.  All I know is that model Andressa Urach is a former runner up in the Miss Butt Brazil (yes their country has this and we don't) and she is not afraid to show off her talent on TV.  Be sure to check out her Instagram or you can just google Image search for her better pictures.

USA Soccer Video: Beat Germany

I will admit this World Cup has pulled me in 100%.  As a die hard sports fan but only a casual soccer follower I've been watching this World Cup like it's the Olympics.  I love rooting for my country and as an underdog I love rooting for them even more.  We aren't suppose to beat Ghana, Portugal, and Germany.  But on Thursday we have a shot to at least win 2 of 3 and advance to the round of 16 out of the Group of Death.  I'd say that's pretty damn impressive.  Granted we can advance just by getting a tie with Germany but fuck that...we gotta win!  USA!  USA!  USA!  Beat Germany!

Erin Andrews Slurping From the Stanley Cup

Fox Sports sideline reporter Erin Andrews didn't hesitate nor should she to get on bended knee and take a thirsty sip while cupping the glorious Lord Stanley's Cup.  It's the first time LA Kings center Jarret Stoll (her boyfriend) has seen Erin get down on her knees so fast since he told her he makes 7 digits.  Love is a beautiful thing!